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Formula 3

The Championship


Formula 3 is considered as one of the most important junior categories in international single-seater racing.


More than 20 titles in Formula 1 were won by drivers, who did it through Formula 3 in their career. Look, who we are talking about: Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher and many more big names...

'For more than five decades it has been the ideal training ground for the future stars of the sport.'

In the years after World War II, first efforts were made to establish motor racing with small single-seaters, often powered by motorbike engines. The goal: to create the possibility to enter motor racing at low costs. But only in 1957, Italian racing driver and journalist Giovanni Lurani succeeded in establishing a generally accepted category: the 'Formula Junior' which is regarded as the beginning of Formula 3 today. In 1964, Formula Junior was replaced by a new 1.000cc singleseater category that was named Formula 3 by the World Automobile Association, FIA.


Before long, this category proved to be successful all over Europe, with renowned racing car constructors such as Lotus, Brabham and Cooper providing cars. In many countries, national championships were launched. In 1975, the FIA for the first time established an official Formula 3 European Championship – that should exist up to and including 1984.


In 2011, the World Automobile Association created the 'FIA Formula 3 International Trophy' and in the following year, this series was replaced by the 'FIA European Formula 3 Championship'. Its race calendar comprised Formula 3 Euro Series and British Formula 3 Championship rounds.


Since 2013, the 'FIA Formula 3 European Championship' has been – initiated by the FIA – a self-contained series that replaced the Formula 3 Euro Series. The FIA Formula 3 European Championship enters its fourth season in 2016 and has already established itself as the most significant Formula 3 series worldwide.


Find out more at: www.fiaf3europe.com


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